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Essential in footwear

Essential in footwear

We can custom build your own brand

We have been producing shoes – in our homeland China – since 1992. Since then, millions of pairs have found their way to men, women and children all over the world. We make shoes in any style, colour and design that our clients – predominantly internationally operating retail chains and brands – desire. We know the market inside out, follow developments closely, and are able to respond to new trends rapidly.

Virtually every shoe starts out on the drawing board of our designers. The design and relevant sample are then presented. Production commences once all details meet the client’s requirements – including from a pricing perspective. Many retailers have already had their own labels produced this way. Would you like to follow in their footsteps?

Our shoes are made for your profit

By joining forces with us, you have a partner that can help you achieve high returns from shoe sales. These are not empty promises, but simply the experience of the retailers that already do business with us. For example, entrepreneurs in the fashion industry who did not yet have sneakers in their ranges, but who recognised an opportunity. They approached us for advice and information to gain an insight into the options, allowing them to step into this new world of shoes well prepared.

In our experience – in many cases, those first cautious steps have developed into long-term business relationships based on mutual trust, supported by our know-how, experience and flexibility as a producer of shoes that offer excellent value for money. And last but not least: we can deliver our products worldwide both FOB (Free On Board) and DDP (Delivery Duty Paid).

Our Mission

To be the world’s number one supplier of athletic and lifestyle footwear.